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Simona Andrejic is one of the rare girls in the whole world who stepped into the world fo fashion at only 15 and won it overnight!

At the very start of January 2010 she enchanted the world’s fashion experts Michelle Li – casting director NY FW put Simona among the top 10 biggest discoveries of fashion scene, Italian Vogue, put Simona on the new face top 10, Calvin Klein whose fashion show traditionally closes NY FW and is done by the most topical top models, and for the first time, beside top models, they hire a new face – fifteen-year-old Belgrade girl Simona Andrejic!

Simona left a mark on the world fashion scene in only two years. She is the favorite of the most topical designers today: Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Karl Lagerfeld-Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Jil Sander, John Galliano, Dior…she is the star of Paris, NY, Milan fashion shows…Cover face of D&G campaign which she did with the famous Mario Testino in Saint Moritz.

People from the top of world fashion openly express their delight with Simona. With her nobility, sophisticated beauty, professionalism, Simona is the personification of a modern, smart 21. Century girl!

While building a career in New York and Paris, Simona Andrejic simultaneously finished 1st and 2nd grad with straight A’s in Belgrade Third Grammar School, confirming the words of John Casablanca da great girl become great models! She successfully continued schooling in NY where she is currently living.

Her agent Mirjana Udovicic, describes her first encounter with Simona: There was a gorgeous blond girl standing in front of me with those big eyes, long legs, she reminded me of Nadja Auerman. Gentle and fragile, but with incredible inner strength and an expressive look. I knew that the whole world will see that look from the cover of Elle, Vogue!

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