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Antonina Petkovic on Victoria Beckham’s fashion show!

Antonina Petković, the rising star of the agency Models Inc. – Elite Model Look, has worked in a Victoria Beckham fashion show on the New York fashion week. She enchanted Victoria, who, on her twitter page, along with Antonina’s picture, said that Antonina was super chic!!!

After she had delighted the legend of world fashion , Vivienne Westwood in Paris, Antonina’s sophisticated beauty didn’t miss Victoria Beckham, one of the most stylized women in the world, who had hired her for the shooting of a catalogue where she is announcing her new collection.   

“This is the first time I am in New York and I am thrilled with the success I’ve had. I am overjoyed for meeting Victoria Beckham and for working with her, but the most important thing is that she was happy with our cooperation, so she made me the face of her look book.” 

Antonina is a model for the agency Models Inc., the owners of which are top models Danijela Dimitrovska Amidžić, Marija Vujović Vukčević, and one of the best agents in the region MIrjana Udovičić.

After this week’s fashion week in New York, this beautiful girl from Čačak goes to Milan, then Paris, where she will also work in fashion shows of world’s best designers. Her agency Models Inc. – Elite Model Look invites all girls who wish to take her steps, to come to big Dahlia Elite Model Look castings in Kragujevac Plaza, 09.03.3023 at 16:00, and in Belgrade 16.03.2013 at 12:00 in Belgrade Art Hotel.

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